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Innovation distinguishes between a follower and a leader.

Steve Jobs

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The Capital Network is committed to empowering extraordinary entrepreneurs, innovators and investors through providing ethical and best practice advisory.

Our unique combination of investor relations, media strategy and digital communications services are only executed by professionals with listed company experience.

Clients are supported within a retainer or project structured to meet their corporate objectives,
budget and timeline and focused on core and premium programs.

Tailored investor relations retainers

Delivered by award-winning & experienced team


Specialised investor relations projects

Professionally managed & expertly executed

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 Creation Company Materials

Providing professional financial copywriting services

Write ASX regulatory announcements & craft equity narrative

Review & refine your company’s investor presentations & investor website

Create company fact sheets, newsletters, executive correspondence


  Distribution Stakeholder Distribution

Managing company communication & database

Grow your company's proprietary investor & media database
Facilitate ASX announcement & media release distribution
Undertake initiatives to increase shareholder emails & improve communication


 Exposure  Media Management

Expanding positive media awareness & engagement

Develop unique media database & journalist relationships

Produce tailored media kits, releases & pitches

Facilitate media training & promote media outcomes

  Investor Introductions 

Building powerful, relevant & supportive share registers

Introduce your company to prospective institutional investors & retail shareholders

Foster new relationships with stockbrokers, 708 investors & analysts

Execute domestic meetings, roadshows & lunches


 Company Milestones 

Managing & executing corporate transformations

Provide tailored strategy, planning & event management

Create company materials, briefing documents & event run sheets

ASX IPOs, AGMs, EGMs, conferences, investor days, media events

 ASX Initial Public Offering 

Ensuring a successful debut on the Australian Securities Exchange

Create & distribute written & digital investor materials

Secure media exposure and maintain positive momentum

Manage investor introductions & relationships

Provide secondary market support for successful listing


 New Investor Presentations 

Crafting comprehensive & compelling equity story

Create visual template & graphics

Compile, edit & write new copy

Formatting, typesetting, publishing

 Digital Communications 

Create digital media & facilitate online advertising

Market your company to investors across online platforms

Produce & distribute investor-focused video

Prepare targeted online investor advertising

Investor Introductions
Company Milestones
ASX Initial Public Offering
New Investor Presentations
Digital Communications

Producing tangible results & measurable outcomes

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Investor Materials

Investor Media

Investor Meetings

Investor Digital Marketing

Connecting clients to investors

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