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Jamie Notter


ASX IPO investor relations management

Implementing the roadmap to your successful ASX debut

Experienced Team
The Capital Network has the requisite skills and systems to support executives and companies
to list on the Australian Securities Exchange through our comprehensive program.


Proven ASX IPO Program
Our detailed eight phase ASX IPO program encompasses materials development, regulatory requirements, media strategy, press coverage, investor introductions, listing ceremony management
and executive training and guidance to prepare for your ASX debut. 



Ensuring Your Successful ASX IPO
The Capital Network provides all the planning, strategy and support required to ensure your
smooth transition into life as a publicly listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange.  

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The Capital Network's ASX IPO Services 

Investor Relations Program Highlights

Investor strategy  
Defining your investment opportunity 

Investor engagement 
Connecting your company to investors 

Investor materials 
Financial copywriting communication

Traditional media exposure  
Generating media understanding & appreciation

Digital communications
Creating & distributing engaging online content

Investor introductions
Facilitating personal & valuable investor introductions

ASX listing day & ceremony 
Coordinating & managing your milestone event at ASX


Post IPO core investor relations support
Providing high-level strategic investor relations services


IPO Network investor relations member

The Capital Network is delighted to serve Australia's IPO Network as its sole member representing Investor Relations. As part of IPO Network TCN works alongside William Buck, The CFO Solution HQ, SLM, BoardRoom Limited, Bell Potter Securities, Collier Creative, Ansarada, Pinstripe Media and Honan Insurance Group to serve Australia's premier companies on their ASX listing journey. 

ASX IPO digital communications

Connecting companies to investors online

The Capital Network is proudly a digital-first investor and media relations agency including a full service creative and production team equipped with experience encompassing private and public companies and working with global stock exchanges. The Capital Network's team has produced content within and for the Australian Securities Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, National Stock Exchange and Singapore Stock Exchange and has extensive experience implementing digital strategies, creating digital content and platforms and distributing company content to our network of global investors. 

Effective client engagement

Successfully managing private to public transition

ASX IPO client track record

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ASX IPO highlights reel

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