Why Investors Are Now Looking To South Australia’s ASX-Listed Companies

South Australia’s newly elected Premier Steven Marshall tells The Capital Network’s Lelde Smits why investors should now be looking at the state as an investment destination, how ASX-listed companies are set to benefit and why Adelaide’s consistent ranking as one of the world’s most liveable cities is enticing business into the state. 

The interview comes ahead of the state’s Premier Investment Conference ExchangeSA on Thursday 7 June 2018 to hear the investment stories of ASX-listed companies including: Clean Seas Seafood Ltd (ASX:CSS), Elders Ltd (ASX:ELD), Beach Energy Ltd (ASX:BPT), Sealink Travel Group Ltd (ASX:SLK), Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers Ltd (ASX:KPT), Cooper Energy Ltd (ASX:COE), Duxton Water Ltd (ASX:D2O), Southern Gold Ltd (ASX:SAU), Mayne Pharma Group Ltd (ASX:MYX), Argo Investments Ltd (ASX:ARG). 

Lelde Smits: Hello I’m Lelde Smits for The Capital Network joining me in Adelaide is the newly elected Premier of South Australia Steven Marshall. Welcome.

Steven Marshall: Thank you very much

Lelde Smits: Now you have just stepped into the role as premier of South Australia, why do you believe investors should be looking at the state?

Steven Marshall: Well, look, were really excited about the future here in South Australia. A change in government and a change in attitude. We’re going to be doing everything we possibly can to encourage more investment here in South Australia. Lower taxes, less regulation, greater certainty for business. In particular we are going to do everything we can to build the productive infrastructure and also skills that listed companies need to have that ability to invest and get a decent return in a wonderful place like Adelaide and South Australia.

Lelde Smits: Many investors are not aware of how many ASX listed companies there are in South Australia. What are you going to do to shine a spotlight on these opportunities?

Steven Marshall: I am particularly interested in speaking to all of the listed companies in Australia and promoting south Australia as a great place to grow their business or to invest in. Look the reality is we need listed companies to think about South Australia and finally they now have a government which understands business and will make sure that we make them a real priority. 

Lelde Smits: Great. So finally, Adelaide is consistently voted one of the most liveable cities in the world. What are your top reasons that investors should be looking at more than just investment opportunities but making a visit to the state.  

Steven Marshall: I think there are plenty of economic reasons to come to South Australia but I think there are other reasons to consider Adelaide and South Australia more broadly. We are often ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the world. A very compact city, it is navigable, lower costs and importantly you can get around. Look we want everybody to consider the many benefits, economic and otherwise of South Australia and we look forward to having ASX listed companies come to South Australia and see all we have to offer.

Lelde Smits: Premier Steven Marshall thank you so much for your insights today.   

Steven Marshall: Thank you very much. 




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