This Is Why The NYSE Is Excited For 2016

From the floor of the New York Stock Exchange Alex Ibrahim, Head of International Capital Markets speaks with The Capital Network’s Lelde Smits.

Lelde Smits: Hello I’m Lelde Smits for The Capital Network and joining me on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange is Head of International Capital Markets, Alex Ibrahim. Alex, welcome and happy new year.

Alex Ibrahim: Thank you, welcome, happy new year.

Lelde Smits: Thank you. The New York Stock Exchange is the world’s largest exchange. Could you give us an idea, apart from size, what sets it apart from competitors?

Alex Ibrahim: The NYSE is the deepest market in the world. We have the largest number of investors trading this platform, and also we attract the largest companies in the world to conduct their IPOs and listings here with us. We have a very deep market. We have market making capabilities that attract many companies to trade here. And also, the visibility platform, it’s unbeatable. We have companies ringing the bell, showing their products, celebrating events. So, it’s wonderful. Companies love to be here.

Lelde Smits: It is certainly a great atmosphere being here on the floor. You mentioned IPOs, could you give us an idea of some of the companies that joined the NYSE in 2015 and also what the exchange is doing to attract new clients this year.

Alex Ibrahim: We had an incredible year. The NYSE was the number one market in the US in terms of capital raising, IPO, an also follow on. So, by far, the number one. We had companies from all over the world to list in this market. Companies from Latin America, from Canada, from the US, from China.

Some great names like Ferrari NV (NYSE:RACE), we had Shopify Inc (NYSE:SHOP), we had Square Inc (NYSE:SQ), Box Inc (NYSE:BOX) and Yirendai Limited (NYSE:YRD), and this was from China, this was a very successful transaction.

Lelde Smits: Fantastic, and what is the exchange doing to attract more companies in the current year?

Alex Ibrahim: We’re doing a lot of things. We’re working with bankers, VC and private equity community, travelling all over the world. Meeting with companies, their boards and investors to highlight the value proposition of the NYSE.

Lelde Smits: So Alex, the New York Stock Exchange currently has about 20% of its 2,400 listed companies coming internationally. What are your plans to broaden this presence over the coming year.

Alex Ibrahim: Our non-US business is extremely important to the NYSE. As you mention, 20% of our listed companies are from markets all over the world. We have companies from 52 countries represented here. So, we’re doing a lot of work, especially in Asia and also in Europe to attract the new companies coming to this market. So we’re spending time in the local markets, talking to the bankers, talking to the whole community, highlighting the NYSE to them.

Lelde Smits: OK, so there’s certainly some more excitement ahead for the exchange this year.

Alex Ibrahim: Yes, we’re very excited and I’ll be heading towards Asia very soon to meet some potential issuers.

Lelde Smits: Fantastic, and elsewhere what is your outlook for the year ahead and where will the New York Stock Exchange be focused in 2016?

Alex Ibrahim: I am very bullish in the tech space, not only in the US but also outside the US, the biotech space, and also starting to see global consumer brands talking to us about potential IPOs and this is on a global level, not only in the US but also in Europe and in Asia.

Lelde Smits: Alex, thank you so much for your outlook and all the best for the year ahead.

Alex Ibrahim: Absolutely, happy new year.


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