Investing In Long Lasting Antimicrobial Protection Products

Global biotech company Zoono Group Limited (ASX:ZNO) Founder and CEO Paul Hyslop is an expert on long lasting antimicrobial protection and outlines the industry opportunity to The Capital Network’s Executive Director Lelde Smits.

Long lasting antimicrobial protection is an emerging industry and Mr Hyslop outlines why it presents a compelling investment opportunity, why global product developers have not embraced it, and where the future lies for the industry.

Lelde Smits: Hello, I’m Lelde Smits for The Capital Network, and joining me is the founder, CEO, a major shareholder of New Zealand-based, but ASX listed Zoono Group (ASX:ZNO), Paul Hyslop. Paul, welcome.

Paul Hyslop: Hi, Lelde. Thank you. Nice to be here.

Lelde Smits: Paul is an expert on long lasting antimicrobial solutions and Paul I’d like to start by asking you what exactly are they and why are we only now just starting to hear about long lasting antimicrobial solutions?

Paul Hyslop: A long lasting antimicrobial solution is a product that is applied to surfaces, skin, fabrics, and it will kill all the bacteria on the surfaces applied to, and then it will afford protection for extended periods of time.

Lelde Smits: Where has this technology originated from and how is it now being developed?

Paul Hyslop: It actually originated a long time ago. The active ingredient was originally developed way, way back. But it wasn’t really used, and, I found the active ingredient about ten years ago, and I saw a lot of different applications for it. It was quite an unstable active ingredient, quite hard to work with, and we’ve evolved the active ingredient to a commercial product.

Lelde Smits: When we look at the global market for long lasting antimicrobial solutions, why aren’t we seeing global players really implement more of this technology into the products that we see on supermarket shelves?

Paul Hyslop: Global players in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, their business model is to sell millions of litres of product over and over again that are applied many times a day, many times a week, many times a year. And those millions of litres, they end up in the waterways, they end up in the ocean, they end up in the ground. They often do not break down in the environment, but for them to go into a long lasting antimicrobial solution is totally against their philosophy.

Lelde Smits: When you look at the outlook for this sort of technology, that you have described as disruptive to the industry, where do you see the biggest opportunities being presented in terms of geographies and also sectors that are applying long lasting antimicrobial solutions?

Paul Hyslop: It can be used globally of course and the sectors are almost endless, from cruise liners to aircrafts, to hospitals, to age care facilities, childcare facilities, food manufacturing facilities, farms, poultry farms for instance, pig farms. It’s almost endless, really, it goes on and on, households, universities, schools.

Lelde Smits: That certainly is quite a list. Thank you so much for outlining all of the opportunities for this emerging sector.

Paul Hyslop: Great, thank you.




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