Identifying Lithium-Boron Assets For Investment

Global Geoscience Limited (ASX:GSC) Managing Director, Bernard Rowe tells The Capital Network’s Lelde Smits how resources investors can identify attractive lithium-boron assets, also citing Rio Tinto Limited (ASX:RIO) and Orocobre Limited (ASX:ORE). 

Lelde Smits: Hello, I'm Lelde Smits for The Capital Network and joining me from Global Geoscience is its Managing Director, Bernard Rowe. Bernard welcome. 

Bernard Rowe: Thank you Lelde.

Lelde Smits: Global Geoscience has the Rhyolite Ridge Lithium-Boron asset in Nevada. It's been described as one of the rarest underdeveloped assets in the world at the moment. What first attracted you to the project and what do you believe makes it a compelling opportunity?

Bernard Rowe: Lithium and boron are both critical elements for energy efficiency. In the case of lithium, lithium-ion batteries in the storage of grid power and electric vehicles. Boron is used in glass, ceramics and fibreglass so urbanisation and energy efficiency in buildings. 

Lelde Smits: Globally, what other companies are producing lithium and boron at the moment?

Bernard Rowe: The only other company that I'm aware of that produces significant amounts of lithium and boron is Orocobre Limited (ASX:ORE), an Australian company with operations in Argentina – but from separate deposits. As to my knowledge there's only two large lithium-boron deposits in the world, both of them undeveloped. Rio Tinto Limited (ASX:RIO)’s Jadar deposit in Serbia and Rhyolite Ridge in Nevada.

Lelde Smits: For investors that are looking to get into the lithium-boron market, what are your key pieces of advice? Things that they should be looking out for before making an investment into a company.

Bernard Rowe: The key thing to look out for when investing in any resource company is the potential to be a low-cost producer. And that's what Global Geoscience offers with its Rhyolite Ridge Project. Lithium and Boron production, low-cost, long life.

Lelde Smits: Thank you for your insights today.

Bernard Rowe: Thank you, Lelde.




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