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INTRODUCTIONS | Access to our Investor Network

Arrange Domestic & International Roadshows

Manage Conference Strategy & Execution

Facilitate & Host Investor Days

Arrange & Promote Press Junkets

Develop Investor Campaigns

Target Institutional Investors

Reach Out To Retail Investors

Facilitate Analyst Coverage

The Capital Network has a robust network of investors across Australian and Asian

capital markets through which we facilitate introductions.

Central to our value proposition is our exclusive database of financial industry contacts driving investor engagement, encouraging media coverage and unlocking share price velocity.

COVERAGE | Engaging Media with Your Story

Create & Manage Media Database

Brief & Pitch to Journalists & Publications

Monitor & Analyse Media Coverage

Build & Promote Senior Management Profile

The Capital Network understands a company’s access to relevant journalists and publications is paramount to generating awareness. 


We empower companies with their own proprietary media database and deploy traditional and digital media strategies to maximise exposure and monitor, analyse and report on coverage and sentiment.


The Capital Network also provides the strategy and support to professionally and discretely build

senior management profiles.

ADVISORY | Positioning Your Company for Growth

Consult & Advise on Growth Initiatives

Communicate to Potential & Current Shareholders

Assess Investor Reactions to Initiatives

Train & Prepare Key Spokesperson

The Capital Network is committed to ensuring 

IPO and ASX-listed companies are appreciated and understood by the Australia investment community.

Upon engagement we identify each client’s corporate objectives and share price drivers to implement a tailored strategy of investor and media engagement.

We operate as an extension to your organisation,

managing the investor relations function

and positioning your company for growth.

PROJECTS | Facilitating Your Key Events

Events, Results, Transactions, Conferences, AGMs, EGMs & M&A

The Capital Network understands the importance of key events and milestones for companies.

Our experience and expertise ensures we are fully equipped to manage every event a listed company may require and deliver a successful result achieving your desired outcomes.  

ASX Initial Public Offerings | IPOs

The Capital Network has the requisite skills and systems to prepare executives and companies to list on the Australian Securities Exchange through our comprehensive IPO program.

We provide the planning, strategy and support required to ensure a successful listing 

and smooth transition into life as a publicly listed company. 

Our detailed IPO program encompasses materials development, regulatory requirements, media introductions, press coverage, listing ceremony management and executive training and guidance.

MATERIALS | Creating, Writing, Reviewing, Refining

ASX Announcements

PowerPoint Presentations

Annual Reports

Executive Speeches

Corporate Materials

Q&A Documents

Press Releases

Media Pitches & Kits 

Social Media Content

Factsheets & Newsletters

White Papers & Blog Posts

Articles & Production Scripts

The Capital Network maintains a meticulous approach to creating, writing, reviewing and refining investor materials. We value accurate, clear, concise and engaging communication and make every effort to maintain your tonal and stylistic brand guidelines. 

Each of our copywriters has listed company experience and works efficiently to deliver world-class, regulatory compliant communication. Once materials are produced The Capital Network works with companies to facilitate efficient distribution to each companies proprietary database.

The Capital Network believes the creation and distribution of powerful communication is central to your success and accordingly remains an important an ongoing focus of our investor relations program.  

CORPORATE TRANSITION | Enhancing Investor Appreciation

Transition Strategy & Support

Website Design & Execution

Graphic Design & Logo Creation

Corporate Photography

The Capital Network boasts a team of industry professionals with the skills to undertake every nature of corporate transition. We begin with identifying company objectives to determine an appropriate outcome, and following consultation and approvals, manage the transitional process. 

Combining corporate and creative professionals to execute investor relations strategy enables The Capital Network to deliver powerful results and generate investor and media appreciation.  

Investor Focused Digital Strategy & Content

Video Production, Editing & Distribution

Premium Interviews & Corporate Videos

IPO Listing Ceremony & Events

The Capital Network proudly adopts a digital-first approach to investor relations. We recognise investors have moved online and executives and companies need to take control of their digital reputations.

We manage the end-to-end content creation process through a full suite of multimedia services. 


The Capital Network believes every piece of content should be an authentic and unique representation. 

We host the content on your company’s platforms with a transparent distribution process granting you full control over the analytics.

BROADCAST | Full Suite of Multimedia Services
SOCIAL MEDIA | Giving Your Voice Its Own Platform

Establish & Monitor Social Media Presence

Grow User Engagement & Interaction

Create Unique Content for Social Media Platforms

Manage Executive Social Media Accounts

The Capital Network recognises corporations and executives are no longer confined
to the boardrooms of the world's financial centres. Digital innovation and social media has enabled 
companies and executives to share developments and build reputations with an infinite audience. 
Individuals and companies who do not embrace digital innovation are at risk of stagnating and becoming irrelevant to their stakeholders. The Capital Network provides education, strategy and ongoing management to empower companies and executives to flourish in the social media landscape.
The Capital Network is proud to support an innovative and creative approach to social media while ensuring all activities are undertaken within ASX regulatory requirements.
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